Pizzeria Damino
Angera Maggiore Lake

Pizzeria Damino is a little ad suggestive restaurant in winter with a spectacular open terrace on the lake in summer. Here you will find a familiar environment where you can have a simple lunch or a romantic dinner during sunset. Damino is also an historical place, ideal for day-off with your family. Dogs are welcome!
We are in Angera (Varese) in Pietro Martire Street, 24. Pizzeria Damino belongs to “Fasola” family for many generations. Before being a Pizzeria, in 1865 our forefather Adamo Fasola built his dream and opened an inn called Damino: it was his nickname.
Over the years his passion for cooking passed on from father to son until it was entrusted the management in the beginning of 80’s. Before long borned Pizzeria Damino.
In 2005, we decided to bring on the family business and build our dream, the same of Adamo.

From lunchtime to romantic dinner
with a beautiful lake view

Are you looking for a restaurant for dinner after a walk along the lake? If you say “Yes” and you are near Angera, you are in the right place: at the end of the tree-lined walk that goes along Maggiore Lake, there’s Pizzeria Damino. In our rich Menu you can find our thin and crunchy Pizza, prepared with quality products and well-finished. You can find also fresh and warm dishes.


Our Pizzas are very thin and crumbly. In our extensive menu you can find all the Pizzas that made the history of our restaurant. With our passion for high-quality products, in addition to classic pizzas you will also find many others made with mixed ingredients to satisfy all tastes. Our Focaccia is similar to Pizza and it is seasoned after cooking. Enjoy our focaccia for starters or with a big salad: not to be missed.

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Our Cuisine

Recently we add to our menu some first hot dishes like Pasta, Tagliatelle and Tortellini, to be eaten every day with a different daily home-made sauce. We prepare delicious home-made fish appetizer. We suggest you Carpione fish and octopus with potatoes or, if you are waiting for Pizza, you can try the mixed cold cuts and cheese. During Summer you will find roast beef, Vitello Tonnato, ham and melon. You can’t miss our big salads: they are the generous, healthy and delicious, a perfect side dish for lunch or dinner.

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Something to drink

We decided to create a little Cantina, well furnished with a great selection, because we know that our guests love to accompany the meal with something which can bring out the flavors. We have some classical and historical Italian wine and famous local wines made by “Cascina Piano” in Angera. For all beer lovers we have a wide selection of handcrafted beers from Europe. Not to be missed our draught beer, the red one and the classical blond one. We know that a lot of our guests love to end the dinner with two top Italian drinks: a coffee and a digestive. For this reason, we take a lot of care of the coffee quality and we have a wide choice of Grappas and Tonic Liquors made by “Rossi d’Angera” distillery, an historical distillery that conquered the world with the high quality of its products.

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Dessert e cafeteria

Dessert is very important and gives a special touch to the lunch or the dinner. So, you will find a lot of home-made desserts, like the classical Tiramisù and its special variant made with raspberry and a wide choice of the most famous Italian dessert – and not only – like Profitterol, Meringue, Truffle and Catalan cream. If you want to end your meal with something great, fresh and healthy, we offer you some fresh seasonal fruit. Our philosophy is to guarantee the best available products with real taste.

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Terrace above Maggiore Lake

Pizzeria Damino is located in Angera, in the district of Varese, near Maggiore Lake; easy to be reached both from Varese and Milano. You can take Highway A8 or A26, direction Gravellona Toce, exit Sesto Calende following indication to Angera.
Near our Pizzeria there’s also the pier to reach Arona in a few minutes with the boat. We are near Malpensa Airport.
Angera is surrounded by beautiful hills and by the Alps and is set in the eastern shore of Maggiore Lake. If you walk from Rocca Borromeo to Pizzeria Damino, you will go through a beautiful tree-lined street: we are just at the end of this road. A cushy park is just near the entrance.

Contact us

Vl. Pietro Martire, 34 - 21021 Angera (VA)

+39 0331 930498

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From Tuesday to Sunday:

12:00 - 15:00 / 19:00 - 24:00

Closed on Monday